It starts with support.

In an industry lacking women in speaking roles, it's important that women support one another on their journey to the stage. Women Helping Women provides women of all experience levels with the support they need from first draft to booked gig.

Brenna O'Brien on stage at EmberConf 2016
Brenna O'Brien giving her talk, "<select>ing Good Ember Patterns" at EmberConf 2016.

What we're doing to help:

  • Live Hangouts

    We’ll host Hangouts featuring Q&A about our past speaking experience and anxieties, where we can also listen and help with yours. Featuring periodic special guests.

  • Personal Mentorships

    We’ll work personally with as many of you as we can, and find other women in the tech/open-source community to help mentor as well.

  • Discussion Groups

    We’ll manage a Google Group for asynchronous Q&A, mentoring and helping you craft your perfect proposal so you’re ready when the CFP opens.

  • Speaking Opportunities

    We’ll introduce you to Ember organizers around the world who can provide less-intimidating settings for you to prepare your talk and build your stage-presence.

  • In-Person Activities

    We’ll culminate our efforts in a variety of events on Monday, pre-conference day, to help you prep for your next speaking gig, and to meet other amazing women in the Ember and tech communities.

Sign up to join the group.

We’ll send you an invitation to our Google Group, provide you with contact information, and let you know when Hangouts are scheduled.

Paying it forward.

Do you already have speaking experience? Do you remember getting over your own hurdles and have hard-earned wisdom to share? Be a special guest, mentor or just a friendly voice on the mailing list. This group is for you too.